We are developing the tools of tomorrow to strengthen mental and physical health

VRET Nordic

VRET Nordic is a tool developed in close collaboration with psychologists all over the country.

The tool enables psychologists to offer exposure therapy in virtual reality, tailored to each individual patient. Patients can practise exposure in controlled environments. This provides easy access to continual practise.

Targeted braintraining

Can we improve brain function by stimulating the less active areas of the brain?

The results of the pre-project verify that we actually can. Stimulating the areas of the brain through the use of targeted brain training and neurofeedback in an fMri-machine, has an effect.

The project is a collaboration with UiO, Oslo University Hospital (OUS) and the hospital of Vestfold.

Opening October 2022

NNT Science Lab

At the NNT science lab, we connect key competence within the field of science, technology & education in one shared space. By collaborating across disciplines, we will develop and implement new science-based treatment tools to improve mental and physical health. By connecting the different institutions, we will advance science and create solutions for better quality of life and better health.

Children & risk management

Are Norwegian children more risk seeking compared to children in other countries?

We have developed and delivered the technology for this research project, enabling the scientists unique insights to understand how children calculate risk.

About us

Ever since the beginning in 2017, Nordic Neurotech has focused on the whole being.
We use innovative technology and interdisciplinary collaborations to contribute in solving
the global mental and physical health challenges.

We are a young, international team combining technology, neuroscience, psychology and sociology to develop the next generation of mental and physical health tools.

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