The hive mind.

Our collective intelligence consist of the combined knowledge and skills of the following individuals

Kim Lien
Founder & CEO
Per-André Ruud
COO / Head of sales
Imac Zambrana
Henrik Røsholm Berntsen
Lars Sjerve
Steffen Maude Fagerland
Lead Neuroscientist
Mikael Luksepp
Lead production
Elisabeth Haaland Sund
Lead designer, UX & UI
Nils Anderssen
Senior Developer
Robin T. Sverd
Community Coordinator
Synnøve Guttormsen
3D Artist
Anders Brostad
Psychologist specialist
Pooja Chaudhary
Software Engineer
Lars Kristian Zamori
QA Engineer
Jens Panis
Full-stack Intern

Our partners & sponsors

Without them, we would not be able to do what we do

Our Hive

We are a Norwegian based international company of 16 people, and we are in rapid growth.

With creativity, science and innovation at the center of everything we do, we seek to continuously find new paths to positively impact our society. In an informal and playful environment, we take on some of the most complex and critical human health challenges, and together with leading experts, we create tools, products and methods to improve and solve them.


We are passionate about our company culture, which we have built for each individual to thrive and grow. With great pride in what we do, our team members work to play each other good. This environment, we believe, is the prerecuisite for growing bold, brave and innovative solutions.

Together we create tomorrow.